Frugal Kid’s Shoe Hack

Ever since my kid was old enough to walk I have been told that I absolutely must buy Stride Rite brand shoes for her.  According to everyone I spoke to, they offer great support, they are excellent quality, and if I don’t want my kid to walk around like a hobbit in the future, I shouldn’t buy anything else.  Due to all of this advice, a couple of times a year I drop about $150 on shoes for my daughter.  Of course I’m happy to help her avoid foot problems in the future, but this seems to be a pretty costly purchase given the short period of time she wears the shoes.

The other day baby saves came home from preschool with her Stride Rite shoes in a plastic bag while she wore some ugly, flat, nondescript “school” shoes.  Apparently she had had an accident that was bad enough to soak her shoes completely.  Despite my attempts to soak them and then wash them in the washing machine, they still smelled gross to me.  All I could think in my mind was that I would be back at the store throwing down $50 or more bucks to avoid a life of walking around like a mutant.  So I decided to do a little research before I went.  That’s when I discovered Stride Rite Surprize for Target.

It turns out that Stride Rite now makes a line of shoes for Target that is about half the price of the shoes in their stores.  What?????   I’ve read a number of reviews online and they are all positive.  People have written things about the shoes not being made of leather or some of the other more expensive materials.  Umm, I’m OK with that, my kid doesn’t need leather shoes that she’ll wear for 6 months at best.

When I browsed the inventory of both Target and Stride Rite online, the shoes looked almost identical.  So aside from the less expensive material, I’m not sure what the real difference is.  Lucky for me, Target was also having a sale this weekend where you can take 25% off of all shoes.  This sounds like a huge win, and I ended up buying her a pair of sneakers, as well as some sort of summer sandal/shoe.

So off I went to Target.  When I got there they had a pretty decent selection of maybe 10-12 girls shoes/sneakers.  We tried them on and put two pairs in the cart.  The full price of each shoe was $27.99.  This is about half the cost of most of the shoes I have gotten at Stride Rite.  Once I got up to the register I ended up getting a bonus surprise.  It turns out that the sneaker I picked out was on clearance and was therefore only $8.00!!!  In the end I paid around $28.00 for both pairs of shoes.  This is a far cry from the $100-$150 that I usually end up spending.  Even if I had had to pay full price for each pair I would have been ahead of the game.  I feel a lot better that I am now able to have a more frugal option when it comes to buying my daughter’s shoes.

Have you ever tried the Stride Rite for Target line?

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