Depression Era Cooking

My last post touched on the topic of cooking and this one will too.  I love to cook.  I don’t always have time to do anything elaborate, but I really love making things from scratch.  It really is more satisfying to eat a meal that you made yourself, and it tends to be healthier than anything you can get outside.  Since I’m always looking for recipes that I can make on a budget, and things that may not be crazy complicated, I often search around the internet for tips and videos that I can follow with ease.

At one point a few weeks ago I ran across a youtube video that was titled Great Depression Cooking with Clara.  I loved it.  Not only was it great to see how people lived in the past and learn about the things that they did to stretch their budgets, but it was also nice that this was a project that was being done by Clara’s grandson to remember her stories and her cooking.  Unfortunately Clara passed away a couple of years back, but it’s awesome that her memory and her recipes have been preserved on youtube and in a DVD that her grandson made.

Once I found this channel online and checked out some of the videos, I enjoyed it so much that I started doing more specific searching on cooking during the Great Depression.  It turns out that there is a good amount of information out there with detailed recipes.  People also share their family stories which are interesting to read.  I remember some of the habits of my own grandparents, and it’s great to see how creative people had to get to really make things work.  These days we’re lucky that we don’t have to always be so frugal out of necessity, but it still doesn’t hurt to make a point to stick to a budget when you cook while still making filling balanced meals.

I urge you to check out the videos and to do a little research yourself on different cooking methods and tricks that people used during the Great Depression!

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