About Single Mom Saves


I am a single mom in my mid-30’s, and I live in a suburb of Boston.  I am also a teacher.  I live alone with my daughter.  I do not share custody of my child with anyone, nor do I receive any financial support of any kind.  This is a solo act!

About a year ago I was reading on the Internet and I discovered the world of personal finance.  Once I started analyzing my own finances I realized that I owe approximately $110,000 of debt.  The bulk of this debt is of the student loan variety.  I am not including my mortgage in this figure.

Although over the course of this past year I began to make several changes to my spending in order to pay off this debt quickly, I decided a couple of months ago that 2017 would be the year that I become hardcore about tackling this problem.  I am writing this blog to help other people find ways to organize their finances, as well as to hold myself accountable.

I hope if anyone reads this that they enjoy the documentation of this journey!  Feel free to contact me any time with questions or comments!


Single Mom Saves