Recommended Reading and Products

Blogs I love:

Mr. Money Mustache:  If you have done any reading online regarding personal finance and frugality, you’ve probably heard of MMM.  This site is essentially the Bible when it comes to smart money management.  There is also an awesome forum where you can chat about relevant topics with other Mustachians.

Budgets are Sexy:  In addition to a plethora of awesome personal finance information, this site also has a number of templates that you can use to organize your finances and keep yourself on track.

Frugalwoods:  This is one of the first blogs I began reading.  The Frugalwoods have lots of great tips on frugal living.  I also like how personal their blog is.  The Frugalwoods show you that any regular person can live a very satisfying life in a frugal way.

Millionaire Educator:  This blog was particularly insightful for me as a teacher.  Ed Mills proves that you don’t have to work in some crazy high income position in order to become financially independent.


Afford Anything:  In addition to her podcast.  Paula Pant also has a website.  I have had a great time binging this podcast on my drive to and from work.

Radical Personal Finance:  The first word that comes to mind when I think of this podcast is: comprehensive.  You can learn about almost any topic related to personal finance by listening to this podcast.

Products I recommend:

GEICO: I know it sounds cheesy, but I did save when I switched to GEICO, so maybe you should at least talk to the Gecko and give it a try.

USAA:  This is a bank for military families.  As you know I am not married (never have been) and I have also never been in the military.  However, my Dad was in the Navy (thanks Dad!) which entitles me to membership.  It may be worth a try to see if you may be eligible for their products as well.  USAA has a reputation for competitive rates and excellent service.

Amazon: I don’t know what I would do without my Prime membership.  In addition to the free shipping, I love all of the media streaming.  My kid watches endless amounts of Tumble Leaf which allows me to sit down and drink some espresso.  I think we can expect this membership to be even more valuable as they expand their services in the future.

Car Gurus: This site had me obsessed for months.  You can find out what a reasonable price for a certain car is.  In some cases you can even see how long a dealer or owner has had a vehicle for sale.  Of course this is how I scored a deal on my new-to-me car!

Personal Capital: If you’re anything like me, you might love seeing an up to the minute status of your finances.  Nothing gets a person motivated like seeing how negative their net worth is.  You can view your information on the computer or on their app.

Cricket Wireless:  There are a number of low cost carriers out there.  I’ve tried a few, but none really gave me the consistent coverage that Cricket has.  I like the fact that taxes and fees are included up front in their pricing.  If you’re interested in switching over, send me a message.  I can give you a referral code and we can both earn a $25 account credit!  I’m not sure how long this site has been around, but it’s pretty amazing.  You can get awesome deals on household goods (and other things).  You get free shipping if you spend at least $35 (which is pretty easy).  They also carry some Costco brand products.

Bluehost: This is my first time writing a blog.  After a good deal of research I found that many people recommended Bluehost to host a blog, and for good reason.  It was simple to get started even for a beginner.  It’s also pretty cheap.  If you’re looking to start a blog to keep yourself on track or to share stories and advice, consider using Bluehost.